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Tips on selecting house paint colours

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Trying to match an existing paint colour is never as easy as it sounds. You might think the paint looks the same, but it rarely is! Once it’s dry, and you end up with two different paint shades it can look worse than before. Matching your paint to the rest of the room can also be hit and miss because light makes colours appear different.

To avoid having to completely repaint your house in a different colour or shade, get your paint matched by our professional team and follow these tips to make the process easier.

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A Good Paint Sample 

If you have a good sample of the paint or colour you’re trying to match, it’ll be much quicker. Our colour consultants  can match your sample and mix paint in the same shade.

The sample needs to be at least the size of a postage stamp, and the bigger it is, the better the results.

The Paint Finish Matters

The paint finish can make colour look a little different, so a gloss paint colour can be harder to match if you need the same shade in a matte finish. For this reason, try to have a paint sample in the same finish, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re trying to match a paint colour you already have.

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Professional Colour Consultation

To take the guesswork out of colour matching, consider the services of our professional colour consultants. 

We can not only match your paint colours perfectly, but also match paint colours to furnishings, floors, tiles and other fixtures in your home or business for total colour coordination.  

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At Brush Masters Brisbane, we use advanced techniques and professional colour consultants to perfectly match your paint colour sample. We offer professional residential and commercial painting services, and we’re Dulux Accredited painters. Brisbane residents can get free quotes and a wealth of expert advice on all their painting needs.Call us on 0432 603 142, or contact us online to find out more about our paint matching and colour consultation services and to schedule an appointment.
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