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If you are renovating, selling or have just purchased a new home, Brush Masters Brisbane can help make your home stand out from the rest! We offer a comprehensive range of premium house painting services to clients in and around Brisbane and North Brisbane. Our services include new painting work, paint restoration, wallpaper services and repainting, all at affordable prices. Our highly skilled team of Dulux accredited painters specialises in restoring and painting iconic Queenslander homes

House painter at work mixes paint and water in a container

Interior & Exterior House Painters

At Brush Masters Brisbane, we offer interior and exterior house painting services all year round, except when the weather restricts our outdoor work. Our services include:

  • New Painting Work
  • Wallpaper Services
  • Restorations
  • Repainting

Colour & Design Experts

Our team consists of professionally trained colour and design experts who can look at any property or space and immediately tell you how to transform it! Using high-end digital imaging software, we will work with you to play around with colour palettes, textures and designs, show you the variety of options you have, and help you pick the one that matches your needs best.

Colour palette, samples of various paint
Paints and brushes to decoration and art painting

Premium Service and Affordable Prices


With Brush Masters Brisbane, you are guaranteed premium service at affordable prices. Our team has several years of experience working on a variety of house painting and residential painting projects. Their passion and professionalism shine through in everything they do. When you hire our services, we take a customer-focused, project-based approach, so we can efficiently make your vision a reality.

Benefits of Professional House Painters

Whether you are selling, renovating or moving into a new home, hiring professional house painters has countless benefits. With our help, you get access to expert colour and design advice as well as professional and reliable house painters. To ensure a positive transformation and increased property value, count on the professional residential painters at Brush Masters Brisbane to get the job done right!

Suburban House Near Brisbane Australia With Wisteria Growing Ove

Digital Layovers

Brush Masters Brisbane makes sure that our customers are able to fully visualise the exciting change that’s coming for their home. As part of our process, our painters provide digital imaging to show their clients what their home will look like once the project is completed. We use digital imaging software so our customers will be able to see what their home will look with a different selection of colours. From there, we will advise you on which option will look best with your home. Thanks to our digital layover images, you won’t have to worry about the end result!

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