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Repainting your historic Queenlander home?

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The unique architecture and character of the iconic Queenslander home have helped many of them earn heritage status, which needs to be considered when renovating and painting. These beautiful timber homes have stood the test of time and should be renovated in a manner that will preserve the superb craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Suburban House Near Brisbane Australia With Wisteria Growing Ove

The Colour Of Heritage

If your Queenslander home is heritage listed, it’s important to adhere to the strict guidelines of colour schemes. 

Even if it’s not, it makes sense to paint your home in colours that reflect its rich history. Find out when the house was built and what colours were used then, and have a look at other homes of the same period that have been properly restored.

Finding Original Paint for your Queensland Home

To find the original colour you may have to do a thorough inspection of your home. Good places to look are behind the light switches, cupboards or check the doors and windows – they sometimes display signs of the original paint colour.

You may also need to cut through many layers of paint to find the original, but when you do, take a sample for your painterto analyse and determine the right colours to choose. Keep in mind that paint was lead-based back then, so take extra precautions.

Green mint painted wood board texture and background. Green mint natural wooden background. Aged wood planks pattern. Wooden surface. Horizontal timber texture. Green mint wood barn. Green mint color wood barn. Wood board background. Green mint wooden bar
Exterior view of a house under clear sky and painted with green and white

Professional Painters in Brisbane

Restoring and painting your Queenslander is a big project that takes a lot of planning to ensure it’s done properly. The painting itself is a huge undertaking with the removal of old, toxic lead-based paint and choosing the right colours and paints for every part of the home.

Being constructed almost entirely of timber, proper care must be taken to preserve and treat the original wood before you paint. Our professional painters can manage the entire painting job to preserve your home’s heritage and make it stress-free for you.

Residential Painters in North Brisbane

At Brush Masters Brisbane, we specialise in Queenslander homes and our professionally trained colour and design experts can help you restore your home to its former glory. Give us a call on +61 432 603 142, or contact us online to get a free quote from our Dulux Accredited painters or for more information about house painting services.

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